About Beverly…

Beverly Steiner has been in the Real Estate Business for over 36 years.  She has built several businesses, and  is now the President of Keller Williams Realty in Walnut Creek and Danville, is on the Master Faculty for Keller Williams University for which she teaches and speaks in the both the U.S. and Canada about leadership, business building, and recruiting. Beverly has served on the non-profit KW Cares board of Directors for the past 8 years.  She has received numerous awards for high sales production, and business building achievements.

She is enjoys her work coaching and teaching people to succeed in their careers, developing solid business skills, and helping them find wealth building opportunities.

She is also very interested in finding ways we can better gather our talents, energy and resources for people who have lost their way, or their hope, or a warm safe place to live…not for pity and pure charity, but for empowerment, to support  dignity, regained hope and faith in God and humanity, so they will also, one day proudly pay it forward for another.

Beverly also has a Facebook page called “Next Adventure Club-A Social Way to be About It” where she aspires to gather friends who want to make a difference, in small and big ways who will go with her on adventures and who will have their own adventures and journeys to help, inspire, and lift souls to things that empower others and ourselves.  Please go and “like” her page, and join in anytime it suits you!


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